What They Say and What They Do: The Need to Unpack the Datafication Practices in Children’s Recommendations


In this position paper, we argue for the need to investigate and unpack how social media platforms conduct datafication practices, especially for children. As a starting point, we reviewed and analysed on what statements were made in their data policies regarding their collection and use of data. We outlined an agenda to support research addressing if and how their statements align with things done in practice, and future research addressing the phenomena.

In 21st edition of the ACM Interaction Design and Children (IDC) Conference, Workshop: 6th KidRec Workshop: Information Retrieval Systems for Children in the COVID-19 Era (KidRec)
Ge Wang
Ge Wang
DPhil (Ph.D.) student

I’m a Dphil student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Oxford. My research investigates the algorithmic impact on families and children, and what that means for their long-term development. I’m keen to explore the potential for designing more age-appropriate AI for families, as well as building more ethical web and data architecture for them. My research takes a human-centric approach, and focuses on understanding users' needs in order to design technological prototypes that are of real impact on today’s society.