Online Safty Bill: Written Evidence Submitted by Oxford University Child-Centred AI


This written evidence is submitted by Dr Jun Zhao (Senior research fellow) and Ms Ge Wang (Final year DPhil student) on behalf of Oxford University’s Child-Centred AI initiative, led by Dr Zhao, which is part of Human Centred Computing Group of the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University. We have extensive experience in working and researching together with children and families to understand how data-driven algorithmic systems affect their online experiences and how to design better technologies for them. We have published extensively in premier academic conferences and journals on this topic and contributed to recent policy and regulatory developments in relation to data protection for children and online safeguarding for children, led by the UK CDEI, ICO, DCMS, the Council of Europe and other non-profit organisations (such as 5Rights or Terre de Homes).

Written Evidence Submitted by Oxford University Child-Centred AI
Ge Wang
Ge Wang
DPhil (Ph.D.) student

I’m a Dphil student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Oxford. My research investigates the algorithmic impact on families and children, and what that means for their long-term development. I’m keen to explore the potential for designing more age-appropriate AI for families, as well as building more ethical web and data architecture for them. My research takes a human-centric approach, and focuses on understanding users' needs in order to design technological prototypes that are of real impact on today’s society.